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"BAD VIBES is a weird, wild homage to the golden era of first-person shooters. Trapped in an alien maze, you're forced to survive as long as you can. Run around collecting keys and vaporizing all the baddies that get in your way. The longer you stay alive, the more bad vibes you crush, the higher your score when you win. BAD VIBES is pure shooter madness, the way it was intended to be... BAD VIBES was created during November and December 2017. It features original music by Richard Jonas (used with permission from the artist) and sound effects created with sample packs available for free from Legowelt. A sprite asset from a free Wolfenstein 3D mod, Planet Nexion (2008), and another from Catacomb 3-D (1991) were used in this build. Aside from any bug fixes, there are currently no plans to continue developing the game, but any feedback is greatly appreciated all the same. The leaderboard is updated daily with new high scores."

Bad Vibes is a game created by pfail using the Unity game engine. It features gameplay similar to Catacomb 3D with spellcasting on a single plane of brick lined walls in first-person; one major deviation is the inclusion of jumping, used to clear slime pools. It even remixes the Troll sprite from the game, as well as an enemy similar to the Evil Eye that borrows a sprite from the Wolfenstein 3D mod Planet Nexion. The game is currently being sold for $4.99 USD.


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