Brick Sledge

Brick Sledge is the protagonist of Hovertank 3D. A mercenary and skilled hovertank operator, he is hired by an organization called UFA to rescue hostages from mutants, monsters, rival pilots and imminent nuclear attack. His relationship with his handler in the organization varies depending on mission success.

Brick Sledge victorious


His final appearance at the end of the game in a green helmet and combat suit is reminiscent of the look of the protagonist of id Software's Doom.

Hovertank 3D
Lore: Brick Sledge, Factions, Handler
Entities: Hostages, Demons, Squids
Machinery: Hovertank (Cannon), Repair Unit, Teleporter, Atomic Bomb
Modifications: Demon Hunter, Robot Redemption, Doom World Wars
Ports & Tools: Hovertank3DPlus, Hovertank3DdotNet, Hovertank 3D Editor