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Within the setting of Hovertank 3D, there are numerous competing factions.



An apparently tyrannical authority that violently puts down all dissent.


An unnamed superpower is involved in the bombing of Zone 4: Fort Smith, a political prison.


The resistance is an embattled protest group opposing the government, distributing pamphlets and holding rallies.



An organization involved in espionage and the rescue of bombing targets, and Brick Sledge's employer represented by a handler (who may or may not be the President mentioned in the end text). Its amoral edge becomes clear over the course of the campaign.

The meaning of the initials is never explicitly stated, though the final confrontation with the similar AUF implies it stands for the Utopian Future Alliance; a similar play to the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea in Monty Python's Life of Brian. This would fit in with the surreal edge Tom Hall contributed to the game.

Alliance for a Utopian Future[edit]

A rival to the UFA, which manages a retaliatory strike after the UFA fires upon them.

The Dark Legion[edit]

A terrorist organization that has captured children in Zone 3: Caves, Brazos de la Madre.

Mutant Horde[edit]

An apparently semi-intelligent horde of mutants holds people hostage within Zone 10: Braker's Mountain.


TerraChem Corp.[edit]

An engineering firm currently on trial for criminal offences; attempts to obliterate its employees before they can testify.

National Munitions Corporation[edit]

A military hardware developer infiltrated by the UFA, being targeted by a competitor.

Agromatic Inc. Corporate Farm[edit]

A corporate farm falling prey to yet another atomic blast.

TerraTronic Inc.[edit]

A rival agribusiness entity, responsible for nuking Agromatic in Zone 15: Agromatic Inc. Farm.


Langston Research Facility[edit]

A scientific research facility working on clean energy, which upsets a group of big oil companies.

Santa Maria Cathedral[edit]

A religious institution offering medical sanctuary to the victims of an atomic blast.

Pax Humana Commune[edit]

A commune of peace demonstrators opposed by the NMC.

Gulf Tech University[edit]

An academic institution that attracts the umbrage of terrorists (possibly The Dark Legion).

Jackson International Airport[edit]

An civil aviation complex also assaulted by unnamed terrorists.

Museum of Modern Art[edit]

A modern art museum locked in an inexplicable conflict with militant Dadaists.

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