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Welcome to Catacomb Wiki!

This a wiki for the Softdisk created series Catacomb, originally devised by John Carmack and the boys of id Software and then maintained by their successors at Gamer's Edge. As well, this wiki shall also seek to document the closely related Hovertank 3D.

2D Games: The Catacomb, Catacomb II

3D Games: Catacomb 3D, Catacomb Adventure Series (Catacomb Abyss, Catacomb Armageddon, Catacomb Apocalypse)

Compilations: Big Blue Disk, id Anthology, Catacombs Pack

Hovertank 3D: Brick Sledge, UFA, Hovertank

Characters: Petton Everhail, Nemesis, Grelminar

Locations: Nemesis's Keep, Nemesis's Lair, The Crypt of Nemesis the Undead, The Ancient Aqueduct, The Lost City of the Damned, The Crystal Maze, The Axis of the Time Lords, The Encounter Chamber, The Passage to the Surface


Companies/Organizations: Softdisk, Gamer's Edge, id Software, Flat Rock Software,, Catacomb Games, JAM Productions, Froggman


Related: Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Dark Designs, Dangerous Dave, Blake Stone

Community: Catacomb Crypt, Let's Play Catacomb Abyss 3D (Kikosia), The Catacomb Abyss - Kiwi Jam,