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Catacomb Apocalypse is the final game in the Catacomb Adventure Series. It was set in the distant future, accessible via time portals, and mixed fantasy and science fiction elements, pitting players against robotic necromancers and the like. It is also the only game in the trilogy to have a hub system, though it was present in the original Catacomb 3D. It was developed by Softdisk and later republished by Froggman under the title Terror of the Catacombs.



  • BKSPC+G (Triggers God Mode ON or OFF)
  • BKSPC+W (Warps To Any Level Throughout Game)
  • BKSPC+I (Gives You Many Items)
  • BKSPC+B (Trigger Different Game Border Colors)


Computer Gaming World said in February 1994 that Terror of the CatacombsTemplate:'s "Playability is good, almost addictive, and offers bang for the buck in spite of its lackluster" EGA graphics.[1] Transend Services Ltd. sold over 1,000 copies of the game in the first month of its release.[2]