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"THE CATACOMB APOCALYPSE 3-D is the third and final episode in a three-part series of 3-D fantasy adventure games developed by Softdisk Publishing. The first episode, THE CATACOMB ABYSS 3-D, and the second episode, THE CATACOMB ARMAGEDDON 3-D, complete this extraordinary trilogy."

Catacomb Apocalypse is the final game in the Catacomb Adventure Series. It was set in the distant future, accessible via time portals, and mixed fantasy and science fiction elements, pitting players against robotic necromancers and the like. It is also the only game in the trilogy to have a hub system, though it was present in the original Catacomb 3D. It was developed by Softdisk and later republished by Froggman under the title Terror of the Catacombs.


"You faced the challenge of your arch rival known as "Nemesis" in THE CATACOMB ABYSS 3-D and THE CATACOMB ARMAGEDDON 3-D. From deep below the foundations of the earth he hurled his powerful dark forces against you. But you continued to prevail! The beasts and creatures which were arrayed against you fell to the power of your intelligence and the force of your mighty magic. This time, Nemesis has conjured up a particularly insidious scheme to thwart you. Nemesis has harnessed the power of the Time Gates to allow him to travel to the distant future and ancient past to bring forth a final and ultimate army of vicious creatures bent on your destruction. Nemesis has transformed himself into his future form as he summons bizarre high-tech creatures from an age yet-to-come and horrific monsters from the most archaic eras of darkness. This is your ultimate challenge... follow Nemesis' trail of terror through the Time Gates and stop his evil ways forever!"


"There are many, many new monster types which you will immediately begin to encounter during play. Among them is a new type of INVISIBLE MONSTER that you will discover in later areas that are visible on the radar display of the Crystal Sphere, and that will become visible when hit by your Magick Missiles. There is also a monster type that will serve as your guide through difficult mazes. You will learn to recognize this creature when he appears."



  • BKSPC+G (Triggers God Mode ON or OFF)
  • BKSPC+W (Warps To Any Level Throughout Game)
  • BKSPC+I (Gives You Many Items)
  • BKSPC+B (Trigger Different Game Border Colors)


Computer Gaming World said in February 1994 of Terror of the Catacombs that "Playability is good, almost addictive, and offers bang for the buck in spite of its lackluster" EGA graphics.

Transend Services Ltd. sold over 1,000 copies of the game in the first month of its release.

Catacomb Apocalypse
Characters: Petton Everhail - Nemesis
Enemies: Wizards - Spectres - Robot Ants - Time Lords - Android Mages - Walking Tanks - Sentry Eyes - Cyborg Demons
Blue Demons - Fishmen - Golden Trolls - Death Squads - Devil Rays - Cyber Poxes - Invisible Horrors
Items: Magick Missiles - Cure Potions - Treasure Chests - Keys - Zappers - Xterminators
Jewels - Crystal Sphere - Gates - Crystal Hour Glasses - Barriers - Time Gate
Catacomb Adventure Series
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Common Enemies: Demon - Troll - Evil Eye - Skeleton Warrior - Mage
Common Items: Bolt, Zapper, Xterminator, Cure Potion, Scroll, Jewel, Key, Treasure Chest - Crystal Sphere - Crystal Hour Glass
Developers: Greg Paul Malone II - Nolan Martin - Michael Maynard - James T. Row - Jerry Jones - Carol Ludden - Steven Maines