Catacomb Armageddon

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"THE CATACOMB ARMAGEDDON 3-D is the second episode in a three-part series of 3-D fantasy adventure games developed by Softdisk Publishing. The first episode, THE CATACOMB ABYSS 3-D, and the third episode, THE CATACOMB APOCALYPSE 3-D, complete this extraordinary trilogy."

Catacomb Armageddon is the sequel to Catacomb Abyss and the second part of the Catacomb Adventure Series, only now set in the present day. The levels featured, among others, towns, forests, temples, torture chambers, an ant colony, and a crystal maze. It was developed by Softdisk and was later republished by Froggman under the title Curse of the Catacombs.


"You faced the challenge of your arch rival known as "Nemesis" in THE CATACOMB ABYSS 3-D. From deep below the foundations of his supposed crypt he hurled his powerful dark forces against you. But you prevailed! The beasts and creatures which were arrayed against you fell to the power of your intelligence and the force of your mighty magic. In apparent retreat, Nemesis has taken refuge beyond the walls of the Towne of Morbidity, re-establishing his rule over the forces of Evil. You are the wizard of renown who once again has been called upon to enter the domain of Nemesis and put a stop to his wicked ways!"


"You begin your quest in The Towne of Morbidity, a dark and foreboding place long abandoned by its beleagured citizens, replaced by denizens of wrought magic and shadowy spells. It is believed that beyond the fallen walls of the towne lies the Dark Forest which protects entry into the Lost City of the Damned. Many brave but careless adventurers have fallen prey to the mysterious creatures that inhabit those perilous haunts. Somewhere beyond the Lost City you might find the legendary Temple of Vipers, the seductive-but-deadly Lair of the Succubus, and many other terrible places too numerous to recount. Can you survive these places and emerge victorious over Nemesis?"




  • BKSPC+G (Triggers God Mode ON or OFF)
  • BKSPC+W (Warps To Any Level Throughout Game)
  • BKSPC+I (Gives You Many Items)
  • BKSPC+B (Trigger Different Game Border Colours)