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"Welcome to the Catacomb Crypt People! Welcome to the Main Page for the Catacomb Crypt, house of nemesis. Here, you will be able to find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you need to know about the pioneering pc action game series Catacomb. Were we will serve you with detailed reviews, faqs, MAPS (Oh yes, manually ripped maps of every catacomb game out there, workin on catacomb 1, 2 and 3) and other things that don't meet the eye. I hope to enlighten you on your trip through the catacomb crypt, and remember, you are just another novice to feed to my pets!!!"
--Main page

The Catacomb Crypt was the leading fan site for the Catacomb series, with a particular focus on the Catacomb Adventure Series. It was last updated on February 3, 2001 and hosted a currently inaccessible forum. It was also home to a fan sequel project called Catacomb Resurrection using presumably a homebrew OpenGL and/or Direct3D engine, "the alpha version featured 3d accelerated graphics, MD2 zombie models and the classic catacomb look."


"Well, It is a simple matter really, I grew up playing a 386 and downloading games off a BBS on a 9600 baud modem, so naturally I came onto a game called Catacomb Abyss. I played the game and loved it, and I feel it needs some recognition."
--Site FAQ

"Well, we got an update again, it is official. Basically what we got here is a totally new layout, which should prove to be quite nice. Having easier access to different sections. I will be keeping the text boxes for updates and on the cheats page and the FAQ Page. The other pages will not need the text boxes, because they will become more complete over time. (Mainly the Miscellaneous Section)"
--Final update

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