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Screenshot of the Ground Floor level of Catacomb 3D in Catacomb WebGL

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"Catacomb WebGL is a project that I worked on at the Recurse Center in 2017. Catacomb 3-D is a first-person shooter from the early 1990s that I used to play as a kid. I thought it would be fun to attempt to recreate it using WebGL. The project is unfinished and unlikely to be completed. Shortly after my stint at the Recurse Center, I bought the rights to the original game series and have been working on modernizing the original code base."
--Jay Weisskopf

Catacomb WebGL is a partial re-creation of Catacomb 3D, developed by Jay Weisskopf in 2017-2018. Catacomb WebGL is entirely written in JavaScript and therefore playable within a web browser. WebGL is used to render the 3D view with OpenGL graphics. It is not feature complete as most notably enemies can not hurt the player. The project's creator later bought the rights to the Catacomb games in 2017 from Flat Rock Software and formed the parent organization Catacomb Games.

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