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Catacombs Pack cover

"Catacombs Pack is a fantastic compilation of the classic fantasy FPS series. Step into the shoes of one Petton Everhail, the greatest of the living wizards. Discover secret, long-forgotten treasure troves as you blast away the walls with your powerful magicks. Explore twisting mazes filled with deadly traps and even deadlier denizens. Face Nemesis and fight for your life and those that depend on you. Enter the Catacombs, if you dare and witness the true roots of the First Person Shooter genre on the PC!"

The Catacombs Pack is a complete digital release of the Catacomb games for IBM PC compatibles put out by Flat Rock Software and distributed by since March 14, 2013. The set features all of the games, both 2D and 3D, for MS-DOS which is then emulated using DOSBox for Windows and macOS (first party Linux support still forthcoming). It is currently the easiest way to purchase a legitimate copy of the game, and to get the game data for ports such as CatacombSDL, Reflection Keen and CatacombGL. Following the purchase of the Catacomb intellectual property by Jay Weisskopf in 2017, the pack is now released under the auspices of Catacomb Games.


"Catacombs Pack features five games. The Catacomb is a top-down dungeon-runner with simplistic yet exciting gameplay. Catacomb 3D: Descent takes that basic idea into the realm of 3D and into the first-person perspective. The trilogy that follows--Catacomb Abyss 3D, Catacomb Armageddon, and Catacomb Apocalypse--add a fantasy story of sorcery and blood on top of that, to create an experience that would capture the gamers' imagination and sprout into a whole new genre."
--Catacombs Pack release announcement

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