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This category is for all locations mentioned in the Catacomb series.

The presence of a Tomb of Desparil in level 12 of Catacomb II implies the setting may in fact be Parthoris from the id Software produced Heretic and its sequel Heretic II, or at least another world visited by the Serpent Rider or his minions. This realm has also been linked to Tom Hall's Rise of the Triad by John Romero, and the shared presence of Grelminar ties Catacomb to John Carmack's earlier Dark Designs. The former implication, based on the Triad cult and the trident symbolism used in Heretic, would seemingly imply that all of this is in fact our world in the distant past, similar to Tolkien's Arda. Common heritage between Rise of the Triad and Woflenstein 3D meanwhile, as well as other allusions between Wolfenstein, Commander Keen, Doom and Quake, hint at a broader id multiverse. The 2009 incarnation of Wolfenstein also contains Tomes of Power as previously seen in Heretic and Hexen by common developer Raven Software.


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