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One of the most powerful robots Nemesis brought back.

Cyber Poxes, also known as War Machines, are massive mechanical menaces made in the general shape of a Wretched Pox from Catacomb Armageddon. Whereas the earlier Poxes were relatively fragile melee units, however, their futuristic counterparts are devastating ranged combatants and are heavily armored.

They are a powerful, late-game enemy, and only appear in Catacomb Apocalypse.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

Functionally the ranged equivalent of a Cyborg Demon, Cyber Poxes do massive damage (15 a hit), appear in sizable groups, and are extremely durable (25 Hit Points). With the ability to ladle out considerable firepower, high endurance, and the same stun resistance that Demons have, the Cyber Pox is a particularly nasty threat. About the only good thing about them is that due to their massive size, they're extremely easy to bottleneck, and an Xterminator will cut their HP by more than half if used from point-blank. They first show up in The Computer Core.

Kiting is a key skill when fighting Cyber Poxes; if you can help it, you never want to fight too many at once. Back off, and count on their large size to hinder their ability to pursue, then pick them off one by one to keep them from overrunning you. Thankfully the Cyber Pox is rather slow and easily outmaneuvered, so this isn't terribly difficult. Unfortunately, once they're destroyed, Cyber Poxes continue to be irksome; their corpses are extremely large, and while they don't block movement or shooting, they do obstruct the player's line of sight.

One additional weakness Cyber Poxes have is their sheer size. They are so large that their hitbox actually is big enough to allow them to be hit easily from their left and right sides, so it's possible to get them into a position where the player can fire on them without them being able to retaliate, especially around corners.

When killed, the Cyber Pox overloads before the upper half of its body explodes, leaving its legs behind which remain standing where the Pox was, in a reference to its predecessor. As is the case with the Wretched Pox, this does no damage to the player despite the loud and obvious report.

They require the Blue Jewel to appear on the Crystal Sphere. They show up as a pale blue dot with it.

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