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"Apocalypse aftermath - endless hordes of demons roam around and hunt down the remaining people of earth. You have to save the last living undead people who survived this and defeat an army of demonic creatures. You are Brick Sledge and even a Sledge Hammer can't stop you from standing your ground."

Demon Hunter is a total conversion for Hovertank 3D which adds dark fantasy elements; following the nuclear war, man has mutated into undead beings facing even greater horrors. It was developed by necronita (as Bloody Max Software) starting in 2006 and released in 2007. The latest version, 1.2, was released on December 10, 2014 and is completely stand-alone utilizing the Hovertank3DPlus code base used by Robot Redemption. It also removes the vehicle elements, making it a fantasy first-person shooter similar to Catacomb 3D; it also adds in flashing destructible walls.


"The apocalypse was a few years ago. It wasn't the end and many humans survived but the earth wasn't earth anymore. Demons of other dimensions appeared and hunted the last survivors of earth. One day a man appeared and battled againts the demonic creatures. He is Brick Sledge, hired by the UFA organization to rescue imprisoned people. He is still fighting and he needs your help to defeat the army of demons."



-Darkone1349, pre-standalone

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