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It's amazing what people flush down the Sewers these days.

A stealthy ranged unit, Devil Rays are the second aquatic ambusher of Catacomb Apocalypse, looking something like giant manta rays with a blue dorsal and white underbelly.

They normally spend much of their time underwater, only to pop out and fly above the water, firing on the player before submerging once more.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

Devil Rays are a nasty threat, if only because they tend to spend a lot of time underwater, and unlike Fishmen, Water Trolls, or Sea Serpents, they are small enough that they do not give a visible tell before they pop up and attack. Once they do, they're ironically more durable than the Death Squads they're seen alongside, with 15 hit points, and they attack the player with sonic blasts that do reasonable damage (5 per hit). They first appear in The Underground Sewers.

Individually, Devil Rays are more of an annoyance than a threat, since they can be easily bursted down and their damage output is lower than the Death Squads'. In groups, however, or alongside their skeletal allies, they're exceptionally annoying, trying to get in hits while the player is trying to deal with the chaingun-packing skeletons. Like most aquatic enemies, they can submerge themselves to hide and become invulnerable to your fire, and when they do, they become completely undetectable, save for the fact that they still show up on the Crystal Sphere, so that item goes from simply useful to essential when dealing with these foes.

The Northern Drainage Sluice, in particular, is full of the damn things, and even small packs of them can be dangerous, owing to the fact that unlike most shooting enemies, they can fire on the move. Often, the best move when dealing with Devil Rays is to approach cautiously, and, when you see their marker on the Crystal Sphere show up, immediately back away and deal with them. They basically exist to punish players who insist on zipping through the levels as fast as they can, so don't fall into that trap.

When destroyed, Devil Rays flip upside-down and crash into the water, sinking to the bottom.

Like Bats, Devil Rays do not require any Jewels to spot on the Crystal Sphere and show up as dark gray dots.

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