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"Past version 2.0, if you would like your favorite game to be supported sooner, then feel free to do the reverse engineering work and send me your findings. If someone were to do this, please note that I'm interested in how the actors worked in the original games, not exactly how they can be emulated with the current feature set. Rise of the Triad will probably be one of the last games supported (if at all) due to it vast number of changes. ECWolf will be getting a lot of similar features, so we'll see. There are no plans to support reading the roms of console versions of Wolfenstein 3D (similar to how Doom 64 Ex works), but that's not to say I would be against implementing it upstream if it can be done cleanly. There's also a slight possibility of running off the iPhone port's data, but given that the data is distributed with the source, that may not be a good idea. The 3D games using earlier versions of the engine Hovertank and the Catacombs games may get supported. However, the focus is to do the games directly based of Wolfenstein 3D first."
--ECWolf Roadmap

ECWolf is an enhanced source port for Wolfenstein 3D partially based on ZDoom, which aspires to potentially later support related games, such as Catacomb 3D and the Catacomb Adventure Series.

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