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Ether Quest is the third and penultimate entry in the line of Catacomb games for the Apple II and Apple IIGS. It was released in 1993 by Softdisk and was developed by Peter Rokitski with the GS port by Nate Trost with assistance by Greg Templeman. Encountering a portal at the end of Sylvan Idyll, Petton Everhail is brought to the ethereal plane. Similar to Catacomb Apocalypse, science fiction elements are introduced, and it features a hub system.

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Games: Catacombs - Sylvan Idyll - Ether Quest - Sand Trap - Catacomb Abyss IIGS
Lore: Petton Everhail - Shandrani - Fire Giant - Immortal
Locations: Mount Kel-Keriad - Forests of Kel-Keriad - Ethereal Plane - Pyramid
Developers: John Carmack - Tom Hall - Peter Rokitski - Nate Trost - Greg Templeman