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Grelminar in his amber casing.

Grelminar of Kelquest is a friend of Petton Everhail, whom Petton is trying to rescue from the clutches of Nemesis in Catacomb 3D.

An accomplished mage himself, Grelminar specializes in teleportation and cross-planar magick, and Nemesis was intending to use his abilities to finally defeat his rival and remove any remaining obstacles to his evil reign. The Gates that Petton encounters throughout Catacomb 3D are due to Nemesis harnessing Grelminar's abilities, which he's done by sealing Grelminar in an amber coffin and siphoning off his power.

Grelminar is found in the final level of Catacomb 3D, Nemesis's Lair, after vanquishing the evil lich. He is hidden in Nemesis' workshop, which is secluded behind the throne in the final boss room. Touching the capsule breaks it open and wins the game.

Grelminar is rescued.


"Catacomb 3D takes the technology in Hovertank 3D one step further, immersing you deep into a fantasy 3D world. You, the high wizard of Thoria, must save the troublesome but useful Nemesis of Kelquest from his suspended animation in magical amber. Beware the evil Grelminar or you, too, could be seeing the world through amber shades."
--id Software

  • Nemesis and Grelminar's names were switched prior to release; in the Gamer's Edge versions and the Catacombs 3 box, Greliminar is called Nemesis and vice-versa in all in-game materials. This resulted in considerable confusion for players in the 90s who played the later Catacomb Adventure Series after playing the Gamer's Edge version of Catacomb 3D. John Romero has claimed that Grelminar is in fact meant to be the lich, but regardless this would now contradict the majority of the canon.
  • The theme of teleportation would later be used for the teleporters to Hell in id Software's Doom and the slipgates in Quake, as well as the similar portals to Xen in Valve Software's Half-Life.
  • Grelminar is a character referenced in John Carmack's trilogy of role playing games called Dark Designs; he is stated to be a great wizard but long dead, while his magical staff is key to the first game's plot due to its ability to close inter-dimensional portals.
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