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Sprite sheet

Hostages within Hovertank 3D are people trapped within sites targeted for nuclear annihilation. They come from a variety of backgrounds, with some being generic civilians, others scientists, soldiers, engineers, farmers and more. Due the the graphical limitations of the game, they all share the same rather generic sprites (often described as child-like; ignoring the women's prominent hourglass figures).


All men are depicted as short, brown haired and pale skinned with a blue shirt and black pants.


All women are depicted as short and pale skinned with long brown hair and a cyan dress.

Hovertank 3D
Lore: Brick Sledge, Factions, Handler
Entities: Hostages, Demons, Squids
Machinery: Hovertank (Cannon), Repair Unit, Teleporter, Atomic Bomb
Modifications: Demon Hunter, Robot Redemption, Doom World Wars
Ports & Tools: Hovertank3DPlus, Hovertank3DdotNet, Hovertank 3D Editor