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Sprite sheet

A Hovertank is a vehicle existing in Hovertank 3D, appearing to be a combination of a tank and a hovercraft equipped with a turret cannon. Besides being controlled by the protagonist, Brick Sledge, enemy hovertanks are one of the tougher opponents encountered in the game. They are effectively as capable as the player, although perhaps slower moving, and are able to take Sledge out in a single shot.


Hovertank 3D
Lore: Brick Sledge, Factions, Handler
Entities: Hostages, Demons, Squids
Machinery: Hovertank (Cannon), Repair Unit, Teleporter, Atomic Bomb
Modifications: Demon Hunter, Robot Redemption, Doom World Wars
Ports & Tools: Hovertank3DPlus, Hovertank3DdotNet, Hovertank 3D Editor