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Hovertank3DPlus is a modified version of Hovertank 3D by Andy "retrozombie" Stewart designed to facilitate modding. It externalizes various engine functionality and string handling, as well as allowing the addition of new media, making it easier to modify. It is still coded for MS DOS, and has been used for Robot Redemption and Demon Hunter. Instead of porting it to modern systems, Robot Redemption has a version for Microsoft Windows and Linux running on the Unity game engine.

External Links[edit]

Hovertank 3D
Lore: Brick Sledge, Factions, Handler
Entities: Hostages, Demons, Squids
Machinery: Hovertank (Cannon), Repair Unit, Teleporter, Atomic Bomb
Modifications: Demon Hunter, Robot Redemption, Doom World Wars
Ports & Tools: Hovertank3DPlus, Hovertank3DdotNet, Hovertank 3D Editor