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"It was a tough game for us to write. We had limited memory in the 16 bit DOS environment and lost so much time trying to get the development and art work completed. It was a fun game to write, but we wanted to do so much more but could not fit more into memory. Our first royalty check for 30 days was over $50k, but once Doom was released the game died and so did our operating budget. The review is spot on and I agree with the reviewer on several topics. Mike and I did several games prior to this with Softdisk Publishing under Gamers Edge (assorted Catacomb Abyss variants) which we wrote under 60 days but Blake took us over 20 months as we struggled to find the right team members."
--Jim Row

JAM Productions was an American game developer founded by former Gamer's Edge staffers Jim Row and Mike Maynard (aka Jim & Mike Productions), soon joined by artist Jerry Jones. They developed the the Blake Stone series of video games, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (1993) and Blake Stone: Planet Strike (1994), using the Wolfenstein 3D engine. In this sense, it is a successor to the Catacomb Adventure Series. The games were published by Apogee Software. After the company folded, Maynard later worked for 7th Level, Ion Storm, Third Law Interactive, TKO Software and later Catacomb 3D developer id Software (who originally suggested him to Apogee Software in the first place; also the only Gamer's Edge alumni left after the resignation of John Carmack in 2013).

The name was created from the initials of the two founders' first names: Jim and Mike.

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