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Killer Rabbit

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They may look adorable, but don't be fooled...

"These uhm, cute furry and fuzzy little creatures first appear as their oh-so cute innocent looking rodent selves, then transform into some demented and demonic evil bugs bunny, which is really scary that SoftDisk has such a twisted sense of humor. Well actually these enemies are pretty tough, but seldomly appear. Just mainly in the garden level, but serve a good purpose of killing you while there. And don't run away from them either, they will backstab you."
--Description, Catacomb Crypt

The Killer Rabbit is a monster in Catacomb Armageddon

Once simple bunnies, the experiments of Nemesis and his Viper allies have turned them into fearsome predators.

In their normal forms, they look like adorable white bunnies, but will assume their terrifying true form when attacking.

In Catacomb Armageddon[edit]

A Killer Rabbit begins to assume its true form.

When first entering an area with Killer Rabbits, one will usually encounter their disguised form first, in which they are absolutely harmless and impervious to harm. Not all of these bunnies will actually be Killer Rabbits - sometimes there's a few that just won't ever transform mixed in, at random - but many of them will be, especially on Warrior difficulty. It's only after the player lingers within the line of sight of a Killer Rabbit that they'll assume their true form: a bipedal horror with massive claws and huge, razor-sharp teeth.

In their offensive form, Killer Rabbits function similar to Zombies, charging the player's position directly. Unlike other monsters though, Killer Rabbits will usually try to get past the player in order to attack from the sides or behind, in order to encircle and help bring the player down. They have a decent array of hit points (10) and like to appear in pairs or small groups alongside other monsters, such as when they show up alongside massive numbers of Zombies outside the Garden Keeper's Grounds.

A Killer Rabbit in its true form, approaching alongside a Zombie.

The good news is that Killer Rabbits are not especially damaging, despite their intimidating appearances. They also, much like the Treants, only appear in one level of Catacomb Armageddon, specifically The Garden of Forgotten Souls. Because of this, they're actually one of the rarest monsters in the game.

Killer Rabbits require the Yellow Jewel to appear on the Crystal Sphere. When killed, they collapse on their side, bloodied and broken.


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