Level 10 (Catacomb II)

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Level 10 - Crossroads

Accessed from Level 9. Exits to Level 13 (main path) and also exits to Level 11, Level 16, and Level 17).

There are no enemies in this level, and there are four mirrors leading to different levels.

In the bottom left corner is a mirror to Level 13 with message "In the coven". Level 13 contains rooms numbered from 1 to 33. In room 19 is a hidden mirror to Level 19.

Mirror exiting to Level 13 - In the Coven

In the bottom right corner is a mirror to Level 11 with message "11th Hour". Level 11 contains the messages "The way to the twelfth tomb is guarded by the sisters" (a reference to Level 13) and "Heaven knows where it is hidden" (a reference to Level 17).

Mirror exiting to Level 11 - 11th Hour

In the top left corner is a mirror to Level 16 with message "Sweet 16".

Mirror exiting to Level 16

In the top right corner is a mirror to Level 17 with message "Heaven 17". Level 17 contains the message "The sweetest secret is not mistaken...after the 19th way has been taken".

Mirror exiting to Level 17