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"Oh, no! Demons have kidnapped the princess and stolen all of her lingerie! Why?? Because demons are pervs!" page

Panty Panic Princess is an erotic first-person shooter created by PantyShot Games in 2019. It features level design and mechanics reminiscent of the classic Catacomb Adventure Series; specifically, maze-like levels that are slowly revealed as the player destroys false walls with their magic attacks.


The player takes control of a young witch named Paula who is tasked with tracking down a missing princess and all of her stolen lingerie. This takes the player across ten levels spanning various biomes (such as castles, graveyards, crypts, and haunted farmlands). The player must uncover the path through the level by destroying false magical walls. Much like the original Catacomb 3D games, these false walls have a 'tell' that will make them apparent to keen-eyed players (in the first level, The Woods, it is the trees that have blue fruit).

While there are various monster types, they come down to two flavors: melee and ranged, with the variation between monsters being their speed, health, and damage output. Upon killing a monster, they will drop whatever lingerie they are holding (this is typically panties, though bras and full lingerie sets can be found as well). This lingerie can be traded in between levels to upgrade Paula's powers.

Other princesses kidnapped by the demons can be found hidden in the levels. Collecting these princesses is not required, but upon beating the game, you are scored on how many of the 30 princesses you have saved, and will be shown an end screen based on this rating.

Erotic Elements[edit]

In addition to the panties that can be collected from fallen enemies, the game features over 300 erotic photos spread throughout the levels. These are placed as paintings and posters on the walls of the various castles and crypts. These are real photos shot for the game, featuring real models. However, the photos themselves have been downscaled and palette locked to match the chunky pixel aesthetic of the rest of the game. The end screens are higher resolution versions of some of these images. The photo shown at the end is dependent upon your score.


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