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Peter Rokitski was the editor of Softdisk disk magazine for the Apple II during the later part of its existence, prior to its closure in August 1995 with issue #166; by which point he was mostly working on it single handedly. Outside of his editing, he is best known for carrying on the Apple II games created by John Carmack and John Romero after they were transferred to the PC-focused Gamer's Edge before later leaving to found id Software. This included a trilogy of sequels to Catacombs.


Catacombs sequels

Dark Designs sequels

  • Dark Designs IV: Passage to Oblivion (1994)
  • Dark Designs V: Search for Salvation (1994)
  • Dark Designs VI: Restoration (1994)

Other games:

  • Dangerous Dave Goes Nutz! (1995; demake of Dave Goes Nutz! for PC using the original Dangerous Dave engine)
  • PARAGON (1990)
  • Situation Critical (1984)
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