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Our hero prepares to descend into the depths.

Petton Everhail is the protagonist of the Catacomb series.

A wizard of some repute, Petton is able to unleash a torrent of magical projectiles, make extensive use of powerful magickal artifacts, and even use alchemy to heal himself. He sees a bit of improvement in each game, showing minor changes to his appearance and gear that reflect his increasing mastery of Wizardry. His main reason for adventuring is to thwart the machinations of the Archlich Nemesis, his long-time rival. It's never made clear what the source of Nemesis' enmity towards Petton is, but the game story suggests that the two were rivals even before Nemesis became a lich.

In Catacomb 3D[edit]

Petton quests to the Catacombs to rescue his friend Grelminar from the clutches of Nemesis.

This is the only game in which Petton is shown without his hooded mantle, and it's shown he has a hairstyle in the fashion of a powdered wig.

In Catacomb Abyss[edit]

Petton returns to the Mausoleum after reports of Nemesis's return reach towne.

Having trained since Catacomb 3D, he dresses in a light blue cowl this time, and looks a bit older than the last time he set out to face his old foe. Equipped with the magical Crystal Sphere this time, he no longer has the ability to use Fireballs, but has increased his mastery of his Magick Missile spell and become better at casting the new Zapper and Xterminator spells.

Penetrating through Nemesis's stronghold, Petton fights his way past Nemesis' forces and into the depths of his lair, where he manages to slay the evil lich. However, the version of Nemesis Petton defeats ultimately is not the actual one, and Petton pursues his foe through a new land, to his outpost in The Towne of Morbidity.

In Catacomb Armageddon[edit]

Petton has further strengthened himself, gaining even more power and skill with his Magick Missile projectiles, and donning a red cowl to demonstrate his mastery. He's starting to look a bit older, as his hair has lightened from a light brown to a blonde, though he remains clean-shaven.

Chasing Nemesis through the jungles and forests of this new land, Petton discovers that his foe has developed the ability to clone himself - the source of the clone of Nemesis he destroyed in Catacomb Abyss.

Petton succeeds at vanquishing his old foe and destroying his numerous clones, only for Nemesis to unveil his grandest scheme to date - to control time itself to conquer all existence!

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

Petton looks demonstrably older, the effects of having to repeatedly fight his way through the Catacombs' horrors weighing on him. He now sports a short beard, his hair has further lightened, and he now wears a magical ring as a token of his ever-increasing magical powers.

Trapped in a tomb complex by Nemesis, Petton breaks free and must now stop Nemesis from harnessing time magic to dominate the world, having brought forth threats from both the ancient past and its most apocalyptic possible future. Finally vanquishing his old foe, Petton brings peace to the land.

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