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Ant 2.0 is faster and more efficient, with better access to the ethereal internet.

A modified version of the Giant Ant from Catacomb Armageddon, the Robot Ant is a mechanical foe from the far future, brought to the present using the time portals created by Nemesis. They resemble gigantic mechanical insects with crimson visors and appear only in Catacomb Apocalypse.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

The Robot Ant is an implacable foe, noted for its unique propensity in combat to continually advance forwards towards the player, sometimes drifting to the side as needed, while firing on the player with its chin-mounted cannons. Individually, they're only moderately tough (10 hit points when they first show up in The Wizard's Garden) and fire infrequently compared to other enemies, but do decent damage (7) and they get much stronger in groups. With other enemies is where they tend to show their real threat level, however; they screen for other enemies (especially Android Mages and Wizards), while continually providing offensive pressure. When encountering mixed groups, it's often better to bait the Ants away from the other monsters, due to their continual tendency to advance on the player. The Zapper can be used to wear one down quickly, and the Xterminator can easily put down a Robot Ant at close-range.

When destroyed, they collapse and overheat before exploding.

Robot Ants require the Yellow Jewel to see on the Crystal Sphere. With the Jewel, they appear as a white dot.


  • The Robot Ant is a futuristic version of the Giant Ant from Catacomb Armageddon.
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