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"A 3D game (based upon Hovertank3D) for MS-DOS which involves rescuing robots from Jupiter's moons."

Robot Redemption is a total conversion for Hovertank 3D which adds science fiction elements; the player rescues robots on the Moons of Jupiter from aliens. It was developed by Andy "retrozombie" Stewart using his Hovertank3DPlus code base (later adopted by Demon Hunter). The MS DOS version is the mod, while the Microsoft Windows and Linux versions utilize the Unity game engine.


"In Robot Redemption you play space pilot Mash Hardrock, one of the few lucky enough to own a Starbox Hyperdrive TM (a high performance spacecraft). The Jupiter Moon Mining Corporation have requested your assistance for a rescue operation. They have equipped you with a small moon buggy, which is armed with a mining laser and also fitted with a turbo jet. Visit the remote moon mining outpost on Praxidike and use the buggy to perform the rescue before it's too late."



-LY203 Productions

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