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"You are Petton Everhail, the most powerful magician in the world. First you defeated the evil Shadrani forces that had taken Mount Kel-Keriad. Emerging from the catacombs victorious, you then cleared the mountain’s forest of the invading Fire Giants. Lately, the last gate you entered in the forest sent you to the ethereal plane. Now, that you’ve figured out how the ethereal plane works, can you find a way for you to get back home? Yes, you are Petton Everhail, the most powerful magician in the world. But you are no longer in this world–do you have what it takes to survive? It is because of your great power that you have been ensorcelled and cast into a pyramid by a powerful immortal being. Do you have what it takes to escape from this powerful being’s trap?"

Sand Trap is the fourth and final entry in the line of Catacomb games for the Apple II and Apple IIGS. It was released in 1994 by Softdisk, developed by Peter Rokitski, and technically is the newest Catacomb game by release (Catacomb Apocalypse for PC was released the previous year). An Apple IIGS version launched with Softdisk G-S #72. Having returned from the ethereal plane from Ether Quest, Petton Everhail finds himself trapped in a pyramid by a powerful immortal and must find his way out. It features a time freeze ability similar to the Crystal Hour Glass from the Catacomb Adventure Series, alongside an armour that is obtained every 10,000 points.

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Games: Catacombs - Sylvan Idyll - Ether Quest - Sand Trap
Lore: Petton Everhail - Shandrani - Fire Giant - Immortal
Locations: Mount Kel-Keriad - Forests of Kel-Keriad - Ethereal Plane - Pyramid
Developers: John Carmack - Tom Hall - Peter Rokitski - Nate Trost - Greg Templeman