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The location of Scroll #1 in Catacomb 3D.

"Found throughout the 3d games, these little items basically provide you with (Sometimes Helpful) subliminal messages or hints. These are sometimes hidden throughout the levels, or in other instances they are basically put out right in front of your face."
--Description, Catacomb Crypt

Scrolls are useful items found in Catacomb 3D and Catacomb Abyss. They resemble rolls of inscribed parchment with golden handles.

There are eight in total throughout each game, and they provide things like puzzle solutions, clues to treasure locations, or other bits of in-game lore.

Or a terrible jokes, in the case of Scroll #8 in Catacomb 3D.

Scrolls are also present in the homage Catacombs of the Damned, but only as a score item.

Scrolls in Catacomb 3D[edit]

Scroll #1[edit]

Woe be to he that entereth my domain.

-- Nemesis the Lich, Esq.

  • Found in The Approach, right in front of the player when starting a new game.
  • The first object the player will encounter in Catacomb 3D.
  • Also the very first bit of Grelminar-induced naming confusion the player will face in the Gamer's Edge versions.

Scroll #2[edit]

In the Labyrinth, follow the right wall until the X, then follow the left.

-- K. Dawnstalker

Scroll #3[edit]

In the council of planes, there are twenty-three seats.

Scroll #4[edit]

The door is the number.

  • Found in Lower Dungeon, in the Winding Tunnel, just past the Red Key.
  • One of the three hints for the puzzle in Hall of Doors in Lower Reaches

Scroll #5[edit]

The number is the number of the council.

  • Found in Lower Reaches, in the Dark, Slimy Gate Room.
  • One of the three hints for the puzzle in Hall of Doors in Lower Reaches
  • Effectively gives you the solution with the other scrolls: Door #23 contains the gate to Chaos Corridors.

Scroll #6[edit]

Beware the false gates.

The true way has no valuable friends.

  • Found in Chaos Corridors, in the Goldenlight Way, in front of the red door.
  • Gives advice on how to find the proper exit in the Halls of Blood: The real exit gate has no treasure around it.

Scroll #7[edit]

Do not veer off the path or you will die.

  • Found in Nemesis's Lair right in front of the Red door.
  • A warning to avoid the secret passage behind the player's start position, which is full of a large number of Demons.
    • You absolutely want to go back here if you're going for a high score, however.

Scroll #8[edit]

Knock knock.

Who's there?

A spectre.

A spectre who?

Stupid. Spectres can't knock on doors.

  • Found in Hidden Caverns, located behind a hidden wall opposite the exit gate.
  • Arguably the only item of interest hidden in the level.

In Catacomb Abyss[edit]

Scroll #1[edit]

The gravedigger keeps the key to the garden with his pet bats.

Scroll #2[edit]

The Sacrificial Altar holds the key to the region below the Crypt.

  • Found in The Crypt of Nemesis the Undead, behind a destructible wall in the Front Room of the Crypt of the Undead.
  • Tells you that the Red Key can be found at the Sacrificial Altar in this level.

Scroll #3[edit]

The Well of Souls plunges into the ancient aqueduct.

  • Found in The Subterranean Vault, in the Antechamber to the Subterranean Vault.
  • Tells you that the Well of Souls is the level exit.

Scroll #4[edit]

Mine the treasures of the Orcs and find the passage to the Trolls' lair.

  • Found in The Orc Mines, in the Hidden Storage room, behind a destructible wall at the level's start.
  • Tells how to reach the level exit.

Scroll #5[edit]

Prepare yourself for the brutish Troll, and fear the Demon's wrath that follows.

Scroll #6[edit]

The keys to your salvation lie in the grips of death.

Scroll #7[edit]

The Evil Nemesis lies beyond the tangled web of the Mages.

  • In The Coven of Mages, in the Citadel of Mages.
  • Tells you that the last boss is coming up after the Coven of Mages.

Scroll #8[edit]

Your victory over Nemesis shall be told to all!

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