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"Okay not there are some hilarious characters just because I guess softdisk got pretty lazy with animation designing the last few enemies for Catacomb Armageddon. Oh come on it looks like a retarded sea horse for god sakes. It is pretty weak actually, and doesn't do as much damage as expected. They do submerge and desubmerge like most of the water characters."
--Description, Catacomb Crypt

Sea Serpents are powerful aquatic enemies in Catacomb Armageddon.

They resemble massive, humanoid dragons with reptilian heads and crimson eyes, with green scales.

In Catacomb Armageddon[edit]

Terrors of the subterranean river.

A much more dangerous enemy than the Water Troll of Catacomb Abyss, the Sea Serpent is a formidable monster. Like the Water Troll before it, it can submerge itself below water, where it is immune to the player's shots, but above water, it is a formidable foe that breathes out searing blasts of fire. These blasts consist of 4 individual projectiles, fired with high speed, and it inflicts surprisingly high damage for a ranged attacker - second only to Nemesis and his Clones. They're also extremely tough for ranged foes, boasting an impressive 20 hit points. This conspires to make it one of the most powerful monsters in Catacomb Armageddon.

The Sea Serpent requires lots of firepower to bring down but its accuracy isn't great; if the player gets close but from a slightly off-center angle, the Serpent will often have difficulty hitting the player. Take advantage of this and use the opportunity to get in a barrage of shots in before the Serpents can retaliate. Be leery about fighting them in the open, as it's easier for them to hit you that way. If they fight the player in groups, it is advisable to use Zappers or Xterminators to deal with them fast.

The Blue Jewel is needed to make them appear on the Crystal Sphere. When killed, they collapse back into the water, their scorched bodies releasing clouds of steam into the air.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

The Sea Serpent does not return, but a similar monster does appear in its place.

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