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Secret Halls is the eighth level and first secret level (slot eight) of Catacomb 3D (1991). It is accessible from level three Ground Floor.


"This secret level can be reached from the third floor and is pretty useless. It has nothing special to offer and if you complete it, you will directly go to the hub level 9, thus missing lots of items and score points. Also if you just want a shortcut, there's a portal to level 9 on the first map as well. Oh, and don't ask me what the second blue key is meant for..."


  • Small Secret Room
  • Hidden Corridor
  • White Room
  • Big Room of Treasure 'n' Death
  • Slimy Tunnel
  • Small Yellow Gate Room
  • Gate Room

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]


  • Secret levels would continue to be an id Software staple in their subsequent games, such as the Pacman secret in Wolfenstein 3D or the duo of hidden levels in Doom II that reference Wolfenstein 3D and Commander Keen. In comparison, this one is fairly mundane.

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