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...It's actually really hard to screenshot this bastard.

The robotic counterpart to the Evil Eye, the Sentry Eye is actually two different monsters in one! These two monsters share the same stats, differing only in behavior.

They are one of the fastest enemies in the entire Catacomb series, and they appear only in Catacomb Apocalypse.

They resemble small mechanical eyes with a red iris, floating ominously over the ground.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

Sentry Eyes come in two varieties: The passive Running Eye variant, and the aggressive Shooting Eye Variant.

Both versions have 15 Hit Points and an attack similar to the Evil Eye - a rapid volley of lightning projectiles - but the Sentry Eye's is much more powerful, doing around 5 damage a hit on average.

Both versions of the Sentry Eye will only show up on the Crystal Sphere if the player has the Purple Jewel.

Running Eyes[edit]

Running Eyes are, for the most part, intended to be helpful. They will zip around the level, following a specific route, and will, if followed, lead the player to important locations within the level - most commonly Keys, but occasionally caches of supplies or hidden entrances.

They first appear in The Fire Node of Time and will show up as well as some of the trickier levels, such as The Wizards Maze.

Running Eyes will never attack the player. Unfortunately, while helpful, they have a noted tendency to stray right into the player's line of fire during a firefight and accidentally tank a barrage of shots intended for another enemy. If you absolutely must kill one for some reason, the player is best off following one's route to line up shots along its travelling vector, and firing on them rapidly to bring them down fast.

They're usually best left alone, since they won't bother you and can actually help you figure out where to go.

Shooting Eyes[edit]

Whereas the Running Eye variant is a helpful entity, however, the Shooting Eye variant is anything but.

Appearing first on The Computer Core, Shooting eyes have the exact same attack pattern and behavior as the Evil Eye in the other Catacomb games, and will aggressively pursue (and fire on) the player. Worse, they appear not only in large groups, where they can pump out even more damage, but they tend to escort Cyber Poxes, one of the most dangerous ranged enemies in the entire Catacomb series. The large group of them in the Open Field Array Area is particularly deadly.

Shooting Eyes need to be dealt with fast, ideally before they have the chance to overrun the player. It is vitally important to consider backing off, since these hostile Sentry Eyes do not let up with their firepower and can help wear you down in record time if you aren't careful. As is the case for other ranged support units (such as the Robot Ants that back up Wizards and Android Mages) it is highly recommended that you back off, take advantage of the terrain, and separate them from their escort targets.

Using this methodology, you can easily take them out in a much more manageable way.

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