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TED5 editing for Rise of the Triad

TED or Tile EDitor was a level editing utility written by John Romero for use in Gamer's Edge and later id Software projects, also being used by Apogee Software, JAM Productions and Capstone Software. According to Tom Hall, it was used in thirty four finished projects, and thirty eight projects total; Romero has counted it as used in thirty three released games. Originating during the development of Dangerous Dave (1988), it was first used in Slordax: The Unknown Enemy (1991) and was last used for Rise of the Triad (1995), with Hovertank 3D (1991), Catacomb 3D (1991) and the Catacomb Adventure Series (1992-1993) being produced with it in the intervening period. A modern editor was released for the KEX Engine based remaster of Rise of the Triad in 2023 called Ludicrous Edition.

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