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Catacomb II from 1991 (later renamed The Catacomb for retail release in 1993) is the sequel to the original Catacomb (1990) and predecessor to Catacomb 3D (1991). Featuring much the same gameplay as its predecessor, it mostly builds on it with an extended 30 level campaign. It also adds the ability to save the player's current level position within nine save slots. It is playable on modern systems without using emulation via the CatacombSDL port.


Catacomb & Catacomb II
Lore: Petton Everhail - Terexin - Kieralon Empire - Kieralon Palace
Enemies: Goblin - Skeleton - Ogre - Gargoyle - Dragon
Items: Keys - Potions - Magick Missiles - Bolts - Nukes