The Coven of Mages

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Map layout
Map layout of The Coven Of Mages, as visualized in the Wolf3D Data Compiler

The Coven of Mages is the thirteenth level (slot thirteenth) of Catacomb Abyss (1992). It is set in multi-layered complex linked by a series of portals.


"This level features mages again and a new enemy: Flying huge eyes - beholders!"


This level was re-created as part of the Catacomb: ABYSS total conversion for the ZDoom engine.


  • The Chamber of Five Magick Gates
  • First Magick Gate
  • First Return Gate
  • Citadel of the Mages
  • Second Magick Gate
  • Second Return Gate
  • Subwall Passages
  • Third Magick Gate
  • Third Return Gate
  • Antechamber Before the Altar
  • Chamber of Final Prayers
  • Meditation chamber
  • Altar of the Seeing Eye
  • The Point of Decision
  • Fourth Magick Gate
  • Fourth Return Gate
  • The Room of Walls
  • Fifth Magic Gate
  • Fifth Return Gate
  • The Long Passages of Discipline
  • Hidden passages
  • Passage to the Inner Sanctum

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]


  • The Evil Eye introduced in this level are similar to the Beholders from Dungeons & Dragons, as are the Cacodemons from Doom.
  • There are five pairs of portals in this level, which is also the maximum amount of portals supported by the game engine.

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