The Flaming Inferno

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Map layout

The Flaming Inferno is the twelfth level (slot eleven) of Catacomb Armageddon (1992). It forces the player to navigate around walls of flame.


"This map IS one flaming inferno! Due to the nature of this, the texturing is of course not very diversified. This however makes it rather hard to orientate oneself which adds to the challenge. The map design, too, is out of the ordinary - and so are the monsters: Three types, well mixed, that actually pose a challenge, is a welcome variety from the usual style of gameplay. It's demons, mages and beholders here."


  • Entrance to the Flaming Inferno
  • Northwestern region
  • Northeastern region
  • Southeastern region
  • Searing chamber
  • Central corridor
  • Flaming recess
  • Access to the Subterranean River

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]


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