The Hall of the Wretched Pox

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Map layout

The Hall of the Wretched Pox is the ninth level (slot eight) of Catacomb Armageddon (1992). It is set within a brown brick maze lined with flambeaus and infested with slimy green monsters, the titular Wretched Pox.


"This level has an overground hall theme that is quite nice with the brick walls and the flambeaus. It is very nice to say the least. The designers made excellent use of the palette here. This is one of the examples that EGA graphic CAN look great whereas they usually look unsatisfying. While in most themes it shows that they could have looked much better with more colors, it's all fine and well here with only 16 colors available. There are evil eyes as enemies besides the pox-things. These beholders have the ability to shoot and while their shots are weak and flying slowly, they can be a threat if you are unwary!"


  • The Hall of the Wretched Pox
  • Great Hallway of the Wasted
  • Southwestern treasure chamber
  • Southeastern treasure chamber
  • Gallery of Misery
  • Hidden recesses
  • Recessed chamber
  • Guarded Chamber
  • Guarded Key Chamber
  • Guarded Treasure Room
  • Access to the Lair of the Succubus

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]


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