The Passage to the Surface (Armageddon)

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Map layout

This article is for the final level of Catacomb Armageddon, for the other levels of this name see The Passage to the Surface

The Passage to the Surface is the seventeenth level (slot sixteenth) of Catacomb Armageddon (1992). Mirroring the level of same name from Catacomb Abyss, it is a final denouement featuring the player's ascent from the catacomb.


"This is nothing more than a "credits map" where you get home after beating Nemesis. There are no enemies here but you receive congratulations."


  • The Passage Back to the Surface!
  • The World Shall Know of Your Courage!
  • Tell us of your Great Success!
  • Write to the Mad Gamers of GAMER'S EDGE!
  • The Final Approach to the Surface
  • Step through to your reward...!

Enemies Present[edit]

  • None

Items Present[edit]


  • Players were encouraged to write to the game's creators to let them know how much they enjoyed it.

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