The Subterranean Vault

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Map layout
Map layout of The Subterranean Vault, as visualized in the Wolf3D Data Compiler

The Subterranean Vault is the seventh level (slot seven) of Catacomb Abyss (1992). It is a repeat of the same basic style as The Den of Zombies, but contains the Well of Souls leading to The Ancient Aqueduct.


"In this video the skelettons are the main enemies - but there's also a new one: The powerful demon! The level's exit is a legendary well."


This level was re-created as part of the Catacomb: ABYSS total conversion for the ZDoom engine.


  • Antechamber to the Subterranean Vault
  • Crumbling Walls
  • North Tunnels of Gloom
  • Hidden Chamber within the Vault
  • South Tunnels of Gloom
  • Twisted Passages of Death
  • Narrow access to hidden chambers
  • Bone Chamber
  • The Chamber of the Well
  • The Well of Souls

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]


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