The Water Node of Time

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Map layout of The Water Node of Time, as visualized in the Wolf3D Data Compiler

The Water Node of Time is the eight level (slot seven) of Catacomb Apocalypse (1993). This level features watery channels, similar to the setting of The Ancient Aqueduct in Catacomb Abyss. The yellow key must be collected and taken back through the time gate to the hub level The Axis of the Time Lords. There the yellow key serves to open the Second Door.


"This map is a water level. The player fights green, three-eyed sea monsters here that can move under water and come to the surface at any time. This map holds the last key, so that we can progress on."


  • Central Reservoir of the Water Node
  • Western Canal
  • Southern Settling Area
  • Northern Canal
  • Central Aqueduct Canals
  • Hidden Pool
  • Southern Waterways
  • Wet Approach
  • Chamber of the Time Gate
  • Return Time Gate to the Axis

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]

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