The Wizard's Garden

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Map layout
Map layout of The Wizard's Garden, as visualized in the Wolf3D Data Compiler

The Wizard's Garden is the second level (slot one) of Catacomb Apocalypse (1993). It is set in a grey brick and hedge garden containing grave plots, as well as more areas adorned with Ancient Egyptian style artwork.


"This map has two themes: One part of it shows the "strange garden"-style and the other an Egyptian theme. There are more gremlins here to fight plus a new enemy: The techno-bug from the future. At the end of the level there's also the first time portal."


  • Wizard's garden
  • A crumbling wall
  • Graveyard of the Fallen Heroes
  • Hidden niche
  • Forgotten Plots
  • Lost and Forgotten Chambers
  • Graven image of the Most Evil One

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]


  • Ancient Egyptian art reached a high level in painting and sculpture, and was both highly stylized and symbolic. It was famously conservative, and Egyptian styles changed remarkably little over more than three thousand years. Much of the surviving art comes from tombs and monuments and now there is an emphasis on life after death and the preservation of knowledge of the past. The wall art was never meant to be seen by people other than the afterlife for when they needed them.

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