The Wizards Maze

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Map layout of The Wizards Maze, as visualized in the Wolf3D Data Compiler

The Wizards Maze is the nineth level (slot eight) of Catacomb Apocalypse (1993). This level features a large maze with a garden theme. Whereas most levels in Catacomb Apocalypse are 40 x 28 tiles in size, the Wizards Maze is considerably larger, with a size of 64 x 60 tiles.


"This map is - just like the title says - a maze. It has a garden-like theme and is actually a worthy maze. For new players it might not be too easy to solve. There are gremlins, golden trolls and Time Lords as enemies."


  • Front Portico to the Wizard's Maze
  • Treasure Chamber of the Maze Keeper
  • Exit from the Wizard's Maze
  • Southwestern passages
  • Western passages
  • Northwestern passages
  • North central passages
  • Northeastern passages
  • Eastern passages
  • Southeastern passages
  • Central passages
  • Breezes from behind the wall
  • Key chamber
  • Let the Maze Drones guide you!

Enemies Present[edit]

Items Present[edit]

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