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A vision of a future most bleak indeed...

Time Lords are powerful magic-users, once sentinels of timespace, now corrupted into the service of Nemesis.

They appear as carvings of Nemesis' head equipped with a pharonic headdress. They appear only in Catacomb Apocalypse.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

Certainly one of the most intimidating enemies in Catacomb Apocalypse, the Time Lords infest The Axis of the Time Lords, and aggressively attack anything that enters the realm. Worse, they appear in gigantic numbers there and will respawn every single time the player returns to this hub section. It's often for the best that the player wear down their numbers once, and only so the player can acquire the Jewels from the hidden Keep of the Mystic Gems in this level, and otherwise, make a beeline to where the player intends to go (one of the Time Gates or the unlockable doors after completing the Nodes of Time).

Time Lords are similar to Evil Eyes from the previous Catacomb Titles, in that they spam projectiles extremely rapidly. Unlike their forerunners, however, the Time Lord moves extremely quickly while doing it and loves to swarm the player. They do notably more damage per hit (4 to 5), but they fire continuously and in groups will relentlessly hammer the player with firepower until they are dealt with or succumb to their projectile savagery. Fortunately for the player, Time Lords fire significantly faster than the game can compensate for, and as such, a big group of them won't do that much more damage than one or two hammering the same player. They're also extremely large and easy to hit, and tend to strafe around a lot. Bottlenecking them in a doorway, as a result, can be very effective, though with enough use of Cure Potions or an Xterminator or two, the player can easily manage a gigantic horde of them with little trouble. They have 15 Hit Points each.

One particularly good strategy for the ones in the Axis is to lure them to the Access to the Transcendant Time Gate after aggravating a single group of them. This narrow hallway will prevent them from surrounding the player, allowing the player to wear down their numbers, hopefully without taking too much damage or wasting too many resources. Note that they will respawn when you returned to the Axis, so be sure to get to your next destination quickly once you get back!

Time Lords require the Yellow Jewel to see on the Crystal Sphere. When destroyed, they explode.


  • Motifs resembling the Time Lord appear throughout Catacomb Apocalypse, implying that Nemesis has managed to become akin to a god by this point in the series.
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