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That's downright spooky.

"These dark wooden nasties like to hide out in the Dark forest, waiting silently for you to come, looking just like regular, otherwise normal trees just sitting there. That is until you make a move by them, then they awake with their red eyes and come slashing at you with their branches. These things can even kill you in death because when you shoot them they catch fire, become unpassable and will burn you if you come close to them."
--Description, Catacomb Crypt

One of the most unique foes in Catacomb Armageddon, the Treant is an enemy full of surprises that can catch an unwary player off-guard.

In Catacomb Armageddon[edit]


The Treant is an enemy that only appears in The Dark Forest, but will almost certainly stick out among the most memorable monsters, fitting the spooky woods aesthetic beautifully.

When a player first enters the area, sometimes, ominous-looking trees with faces can be seen. Occasionally, these will be simple decorations, but the majority are, in fact, enemies lying in wait. If the player waits long enough in their line of sight - or shoots one - the Treant will activate, its eyes will glow red, and it will begin advancing on the player's position. In addition to being one of the larger monsters, They're quite tough (12 Hit Points) and boast reasonably high damage. They do not show up on the Crystal Sphere until they attack (and even then, they require the Yellow Jewel to detect), and don't make any noise until they do, which makes them very good at ambushing the player, more so because they often appear alongside groups of Bats or other Treants. Thankfully, they are rather slow-moving.

Get the marshmallows.

When destroyed, Treants have one more trick up their sleeve: They catch fire, and continue to burn. Touching a burning Treant inflicts damage on the player, and while the damage is very low (a single percent point), it causes damage for as long as the player is touching it, which can actually cause quite a lot of damage if the player sticks around. Touching a Treant can be unavoidable if it dies in a hallway, necessitating the player take damage to advance, so a canny wizard will kite Treants towards the center of a larger room before killing them, where their burning remains will do little harm.


  • The Treant is one of only two monsters (the other being the Giant Ant) that has an animated corpse in Catacomb Armageddon.
  • It's also the only enemy that has a damage effect tied to where it dies in Catacomb Armageddon.
    • While the Wretched Pox is intended to have a similar feature, it does not work due to an engine limitation.
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