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It may be a weird-looking machine, but its firepower is no joke...

A powerful war machine, the Walking Tank is a bipedal armored nightmare in Catacomb Apocalypse. In many ways it represents a very different breed of threat from previous Catacomb games, being both tough and primarily a ranged unit, a combination only seen relatively late in the other games.

It resembles a tall red robot with a single mounted laser cannon on one arm.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

Walking Tanks first appear in The Fire Node of Time, and are the first enemy the player is likely to encounter there.

With 20 Hit Points, Walking Tanks are a very tough ranged combat unit. While they're slow moving, and their damage output is only moderate (7 per hit), they fire fairly fast and tend to appear in groups - and worse, alongside some of the most powerful enemies in the game, such as Cyborg Demons. In combat they tend to advance slowly, providing covering fire for other units all the while. While they're not as tough or powerful as the enemies they tend to escort, the enemies they tend to back up are strong enough to remain the main priority, which means Walking Tanks can often get away with firing on the player with inpunity, at least for a little while. Thankfully, like Robot Ants, they have a tendency to constantly advance on the player once they're aware of them, which makes them very predictable.

As is the case with Robot Ants, the best solution is often to fall back and bottleneck them to seperate them from other enemies. Zappers can help a lot for taking down individual Walking Tanks, but Xterminators are especially handy at close range, easily taking down a Walking Tank in two hits.

When destroyed, they overload, before disintegrating, leaving behind no corpse.

Walking Tanks require the Red Jewel to detect on the Crystal Sphere. They show up as a dark red dot.

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