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Don't go by their appearances.

Wizards are powerful-if-diminutive spellcasters in the employ of Nemesis, following his experiments with Time Magic in Catacomb Apocalypse.

They are powerful ranged attackers. They resemble Goblins with a robe, hat, and magic staff.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

The Wizard is a new foe, and one that very quickly helps establish that Catacomb Apocalypse is not going to be like the other games so far. They're somewhat slow compared to the evasive Mages they replaced, and they fire less frequently. However, they do more than twice as much damage with every shot and they're as tough as their predecessors, at 10 hit points. While they're easier to hit, this statline makes them a bit more dangerous than previous enemies, mostly due to the fact that the player generally will not have a lot of resources when first encountering them. Moving quick, bursting them down fast, and limiting the number that can fire at you at once by taking cover is the best answer to Wizards.

Big groups are better handled with Zappers.

They require the Green Jewel to appear on the Crystal Sphere. When destroyed, the Wizard evaporates, leaving its clothing behind.


  • The Wizard is actually based off the Orc's sprite, effectively retooled into a ranged combat enemy.
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