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A loathsome foe.

"I don't know what in the hell to call these things, they are big, and green, and nasty. They hobble around the halls of the catacombs searching for you, and when they do, they come at you slashing you with their gigantic fingernails (It's a site to see in the game because of the crappy animation). When they die it is hilarious, they inflate 'til they explode (Also due to crappy animation)"
--Description, Catacomb Crypt

Particularly distressing minions of Nemesis, the Wretched Pox is a foe encountered in Catacomb Armageddon.

They resemble grotesque, flabby green humanoids with lanky limbs and red eyes, intended to spread plague amongst Nemesis' enemies.

In Catacomb Armageddon[edit]

Poxes have a mere 10 Hit Points, but do an impressive amount of damage in close-combat, and are surprisingly fast relative to their size. They're extremely prone to rushing the player, often forcing their way to the forefront of a gaggle of enemies in order to get to the player first with their filthy claws. Often this works to the player's advantage, as they have low hit points and high damage, making their destruction a priority. They notably have less attack range than other melee-based enemies, so it's often a challenge for them to hit you, even with their high damage.

They require the Green Jewel to appear on the Crystal Sphere.

Death Explosion[edit]


The Wretched Pox is notable for its rather unusual death animation, whereby it goes bug-eyed as the pressure in its body builds, and ultimately, it detonates in a cloud of gore, leaving only a pair of legs. The Pox is supposed to be able to damage the player and destroy nearby treasures with this explosion, but due to issues with Catacomb Armageddon's engine, this doesn't work, leaving the Wretched Pox as a bizarre melee enemy with a quirky death animation.

Curiously, players have reported the Pox exploding without ever shooting one, usually when it can't get anywhere near a player. The reason for this is unknown.

In Catacomb Apocalypse[edit]

The Wretched Pox does not return, but its decidedly nastier futuristic equivalent is.

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