Zone 12: Murder Hill

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Zone 12: Murder Hill is the twelfth level of Hovertank 3D.


"A tank brigade is hunting down AWOL soldiers. Little do they know the whole area is about to be baked by enemy missiles. Those soldiers have some interesting information that we would like to acquire."
--Mission briefing



"The 12th level of Hovertank 3D. Here we are up against many enemy hovertanks. However there's also lots of cover so you can take them down without too much trouble. This could be the recipe for a great level..."


"...But there's a major flaw sadly. Most of the time the warp gate is unreachable! I don't know what causes this error. Sometimes it appears where it should, but usually it opens in a palce that you can't get to. I was becoming frustrated after many recordings and even thought about ending my walkthrough here. But then I thougt, that I could as well "fix" the problem by using a warp cheat. I'm not perfectly happy with it, but it's the next best solution to trying over and over again."