Zone 20: UFA Headquarters

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Zone 20: UFA Headquarters is the twentieth and final level of Hovertank 3D.


"The AUF apparently had a backup strike force that we didn't know about. All our people are alerted, but there are a number of people on the lower levels that won't be able to get out in time. Get them quick! Meet you are Basepoint Delta!"
--Mission briefing



"This is map 20 of Hovertank 3D, the final level. It's a nice map actually. That is, if you know where to go to. Or at least: Where NOT to go to! Because this level is huge and very maze-like so you can get lost pretty easy. Still, if you know how, you can even save everyone here! So what's left, then? A short ending sequence that is not half as funny as some of the mission descriptions in the game."


"Crowds of cheering people surround your tank. Cargo lifts deliver your impressive bounty. The crowd quiets as a distinguished man steps forward. 'Well done,' says the UFA President. 'You have saved many deserving people.' 'Mr. Sledge? I said you've done well.' You ignore him and count the reward again. He says, 'Too bad those ones you lost...' 'What? I dropped some bills?' you say. ...Game Over!"
--End screens