Zone 4: Fort Smith

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Zone 4: Fort Smith is the fourth level of Hovertank 3D.


"The last renegades of the local resistance are imprisoned for holding rallies and publishing their anti-government pamphlets. A superpower is planning to nuke Fort Smith for its strategic importance. We want those renegades."
--Mission briefing



"This is Hovertank 3d's fourth level. It's much harder than the previous ones since here we encounter enemy tanks for the first time. Unlike the other enemies which are close-combat only, they can actually shoot you - and since there is no strafing/side-stepping in the game (for obvious reasons), it's actually a challenge not to get hit. You can take two hits btw, the third will kill you. This one took me a little longer since I managed to get lost for a moment and thus took an extra turn. ;)"